Australian Welsh Male Choir

Wednesday 1st December, 2016 — The Last Sectional Rehearsal of the Year.

No rehearsal event just happens without accompaniment of some kind and AWMC is no different to any choral organisation in this regard. Heather Wickes, our principle accompanist, plays at concerts and the regular Monday evening rehearsal.Throughout the course of the year, on Thursday sectional evenings, Carol Sheldon has provided great assistance to all four sections of the choir as they diligently work through and fine tune the songs for performance, and specific new works. The photo shows Carol flanked by section Leaders Ges Hogg T2 and Phil Young T1.
It is true to say the choristers have come to regard Carol with a great deal of respect and friendship. She has brought along her cheerful, friendly, enthusiasm for her role and has brightened many a Thursday evening. Many thanks Carol, from all of us.
It would be remiss not to also mention Ivor Morgan, a stalwart of the choir, who ably assists with sectionals with his piano accompaniment and direction.