Australian Welsh Male Choir

The AWMC Ladies News – Sunday 4th December, 2016 Christmas Fare Table at Bunning’s

This was, by far, our most successful fund raiser up to date $936. Three cars were needed to transfer all the home produce. 6 ladies kindly contributed to making this such an outstanding success.

They were Margaret Piggott, Sue Kupsch, Chris Kinsey, Myrtle Hughes, Jennifer Murray (wife of our AWMC President), and yours truly. The lovely selection of festive fare added to our wonderful spread, and my grateful thanks to all.

On my retirement from the role of AWMC Ladies Convener, which I have very much enjoyed. I wish to acknowledge my committee over the last three years, Margaret Piggott, Sue Kupsch, Chris Kinsey, Myrtle Hughes, Helen Selby, including past committee members Lauren Howard and Helen Sutton. Without them I would not have achieved the social activities and the great fund raising results (which are not far behind our men). Our ladies must be congratulated. Well done. My good wishes to Helen Selby and her committee. Jan Marshall.

Many thanks to Jan for the labour of love she and the AWMC Ladies have carried out over the last three years. We men are only too aware of their faithful contributions at home and indeed on tour. Like Jan, we also look forward to the initiatives and future endeavours our Ladies have in mind working together with new convener, Helen Selby. (Ed.)