Australian Welsh Male Choir


Greetings to choristers, families and friends of AWMC.
How time flies! It seems like it was only yesterday that I was writing  out Christmas cards for 2015. Next thing we know, Easter Eggs will be  appearing in the supermarkets. However, at this time of the year we  can pause, and think back over the year, and make plans for 2017.
The Choir has had a good year and has been kept busy with a new Musical Director, new accompanist, new music and an increase in  discipline. Thank you all for the hard work that you all have put in.
At this time of the year, it is appropriate to contemplate the Christmas  message. As individuals there is not a great deal we can do about  ‘Peace on Earth’ but we can have ‘Good will to all men’. We can achieve  this by showing respect and care for the members of our family, the  members of our community and the members of our Choir. After all,  the Choir is our second family and it abounds in care and respect for each other. That, of  course, demonstrates itself when we sing together and make sweet harmony.
We can look forward to an exciting 2017 with the Asian Concert Tour and the MCAA festival
in Wollongong. May the music continue to flow.
Cofion gorau a Nadolig llowen
Peter Murray
President AWMC